Learning Communities
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West Melton 7618

Phone: (03) 347 8448

Email: office@westmelton.school.nz

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:15am - 3:30pm.
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At West Melton School we have five Learning Communities, each of these
communities has their own blog site where you can find information specific to your
child and their learning:

Kōwhai Community (New Entrants & Year 1):

Mānuka Community (Years 2 & 3):

Tī Kōuka Community (Year 4):
www.Ti Kouka2019.weebly.com

Tōtara & Ngaio Community (Years 5 & 6):
www.Totara & Ngaio.weebly.com

West Melton Intermediate (Years 7 & 8)