Our Leadership Team
Tracey Riley
Kim Busch
Associate  Principal
Mark Maddren
Tumuaki Tuarua
Our Team
743 Weedons Ross Road,
West Melton 7618

Phone: (03) 347 8448

Email: office@westmelton.school.nz

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:15am - 3:30pm.
Contact details
Pam Berry-Mason (Leader of Learning)

Jo Buckenham

Sonja Beaumont

Annalyse Bain

Janette Bowen
Kōwhai Team (New Entrant to Year 2)
Thelma Herring (Leader of Learning)

Vanessa Adams

Darren Smalley

Carey-Anne Whitaker (Fridays only)
Tī Kōuka Team (Year 2 & 3)
Mānuka Team (Year 3 & 4)
Moira McKendry (Leader of Learning)

Adrienne Baxter

Kim Busch

Jane Howden

Kathryn Moore
Tōtara Team (Year 7 & 8)
Mark Maddren (Leader of Learning)

Anna Jenkins

Christina Sands

Colleen Suddaby
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Our Support Crew
Support Teachers
Julie Cockburn
Anneka Dalley
Adrienne Baxter
Kathryn Meyers
Charlotte McGregor
Fab 4
Learning Assistants
Jeanette Neal (SENCo)
Brenda Quinn
Cara Cormack
Cheryl Greer
Claire Fahey
Erin Capon
Jacob Miles
Kathleen O’Connor
Lexi Bryant
Pip Roycroft
Rebecca Dore
Sonya Boskell
Sarah McConnell
Administration Staff
Tracey Ogle (Office Manager/Principal’s PA)

Hannah Fifield (Bursar/Administrator)

Lindsay Bromley (Library Assistant)

Rita Spadoni (Promotions & Sport Administrator)
John Blondell
Toetoe Team (Year 5 & 6)
Mandy Newcombe (Leader of Learning)

Natasha O’Connor

Brianna Oorthuis

Madelyn Walker-Ibadulla
Leaders of Learning
Pam Berry-Mason
Kowhai Leader of Learning (New Entrants to Year 2)

Thelma Herring
Ti Kōuka Leader of Learning (Years 2 to 3)

Moira McKendry
Mānuka Leader of Learning (Year 3 to 4)

Mandy Newcombe
Toetoe Leader of Learning (Years 5 to 6)

Mark Maddren
Tōtara Leader of Learning (Year 7 to 8)